Founded in 1992, Hero Intiputra is one of Indonesia’s leading distributors of quality and innovative toys and retail with a reputation for providing value for money combined with a high level of service, experience and expertise.

    Many retailers seeking quality educational toys, and leading licensed brands work with the extensive range available through Hero Intiputra. Customers in Indonesia regards us as a highly respected member of their industry sector. When dealing with Hero Intiputra, customers know they are buying a quality story supported by experienced management and superior service.

    Our Vision

    To become one of the market leaders for our products
    To be taken into account by our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, competitors) as one of the important players in toy retail business
    To become a place where people are proud of and like to work at.

    Our History

    • 1992
    • 2008
      Holding Company
    • 2011
      Herokids Launching
    • 2002
      Operating Company
    • 2009
      Oryza Grace Launching
    • 2018
      Award for Intex
    • 2019
      Award for Oryza Grace

    1992 Founded

    Hero Intiputra is a private company established on May 27, 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Nowadays Hero Intiputra is a dedicated team of great professionals that specialises in toys and children´s goods distribution and retail.

    1998 Holding Company

    The company operates in Jakarta, Indonesia as Head Office.

    2011 Herokids Launching

    Herokids is a toy distributor that has been established since 2011 under PT. Hero Intiputra. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in managing and marketing children's toys.

    2012 Operating Company

    Hero Intiputra became operating company for business units : Intex, Oryza Grace Rice Bran Oil, Toys City, Hero Kids and Bina Mandiri Majugemilang

    2009 Oryza Grace Launching

    Oryza Grace adalah Minyak Goreng Bekatul Padi yang terbuat dari serbuk halus yang melapisi bulir beras dalam biji padi, dimurnikan melalui penyaringan menggunakan “extra cold.” Mengandung Gamma Oryzanol dan kaya vitamin E

    2018 Digital Popular Brand Award

    Intex Indonesia was honoured as The Winner in Baby Swimming Pool Category at Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2018 in an exclusive evening, at Shangri-La, Jakarta.

    2019 Pertama Di Indonesia Award

    Oryza Grace merupakan Minyak Bekatul Padi Pertama di Indonesia. Produk inovasi yang memiliki banyak keunggulan dibanding minyak goreng lainnya karena rendah lemak jenuhnya, tinggi titik asapnya, tidak menyebabkan batuk, mengandung Gamma Oryzanol yaitu antioksidan yang kuat untuk menangkal radikal bebas, mencegah penuaan dini, kaya akan nutrisi yang berguna untuk kesehatan tubuh kita dan masih banyak manfaat lainnya. Kami bangga menerima penghargaan pada Award Ceremony Pertama Di Indonesia yang diselenggarakan oleh Info Brand

    Our Values

    Excellent Service
    When dealing with us, customers know they are buying a quality story supported by experienced management and superior service. We pride ourselves in having exceptional customer service
    Great Products
    We are one of Indonesia's leading toy distributors, retails & property developers. We have been in business since 1992 and offer only the highest quality and most reputable products on the market
    Defined by our People
    We are constantly focusing on empowering our people, and build a rewarding long term career for our people as well as delivering a better value proposition to our suppliers and customers
    I have bought several toys from Hero Kids and have always been very happy with the quality and my kids seem to love them. They have an extensive selection of unique toys that encourage learning and creativity.
    Oryza Grace Rice Bran Oil is a 100% Rice bran oil, which makes it the 100% healthy oil. It is surely heart friendly as it is excessive cholestrol lowering oil, works as natural antioxidents which saves from diseases.
    Toys City totally takes me back to how toy shops were when I was a child. A proper toy shop that your children could spend hours finding different things. Wide variety of high-quality toys.

    Our Awards

    We are very proud of the awards we have won so far. They demonstrate our ability to provide a high standard of service to our valuable clients.