Our Values

    Excellent Service
    When dealing with us, customers know they are buying a quality story supported by experienced management and superior service. We pride ourselves in having exceptional customer service
    Great Products
    We are one of Indonesia's leading toy distributors, retails & property developers. We have been in business since 1992 and offer only the highest quality and most reputable products on the market
    Defined by our People
    We are constantly focusing on empowering our people, and build a rewarding long term career for our people as well as delivering a better value proposition to our suppliers and customers
    I have bought several toys from Hero Kids and have always been very happy with the quality and my kids seem to love them. They have an extensive selection of unique toys that encourage learning and creativity.
    Oryza Grace Rice Bran Oil is a 100% Rice bran oil, which makes it the 100% healthy oil. It is surely heart friendly as it is excessive cholestrol lowering oil, works as natural antioxidents which saves from diseases.
    Toys City totally takes me back to how toy shops were when I was a child. A proper toy shop that your children could spend hours finding different things. Wide variety of high-quality toys.


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